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    There are a few states we are not able to do business in due to lack of staffing at this time. As you go to the drop down menu for the STATE section, you will see the states we have Agents and Business Development Officers to help with your financial needs.

    After completing this form, a member from our credit or business development team will respond within one business day to discuss your financing needs in more detail. If you have questions regarding the information you submitted or our review process, please contact us immediately at 800-876-2362. American Farm values your privacy and the security of your information. For more information about our security and privacy policy, please click here.

    The form below is not a loan application. If you would like to submit a loan application, please do so by clicking here. Thank you for your interest in American Farm, we look forward to providing customized solutions to your Ag lending needs.

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    We appreciate your interest in American Farm Mortgage, but unfortunately at this time we are unable to provide financing for equine loans. If you have other Ag financing needs, please call our team at 800-876-2362.

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