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Machinery Pete brings up a story on how American Farm Mortgage adds value to their customers. One of American Farm Mortgage and Legence Bank’s farm customers required medical emergency had to be taken by air ambulance which was not covered by their health insurance and as many of you know, this is a very large cost to cover. This got the wheels turning at American Farm Mortgage and Legence Bank with regards to how they could help their customers in challenging times such as this. They realized that most insurance doesn’t cover the Air Evac membership to help in emergency situations. This can be a huge financial burden for customers and a positive came out of this challenging situation, -- they realized the need their customers had for this additional insurance coverage. American Farm Mortgage and Legence Bank are now covering the cost for their customers who are borrowing operating funds from them,  and their family and in some cases, their key employees with the Air Evac membership. “This is our way to give back to our customer in exchange for honoring us for the opportunity to earn their business, said Alan Hoskins, President of American Farm Mortgage & Financial Services, a subsidiary of Legence Bank.”

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