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American Farm Mortgage & Financial Services and Legence Bank award scholarships every year to help the students in our community pursue their educational dreams. While exploring all possible scholarship options, we encourage you to apply for the American Farm Mortgage FFA Scholarships we have to offer. We strongly encourage you to apply for additional scholarships in which you qualify, both big and small, that will assist you with rising educational costs.

First, consider resources in your community, like Legence Bank. High school counselors and financial aid officers are great resources for helping you understand what scholarships are available. There are also scholarships available through local civic groups, religious organizations, and local businesses.

Below is a link to a scholarships currently offered by American Farm Mortgage and Legence Bank as well as some information on the criteria and requirements.

Submit Here

2020 Legence Bank and American Farm Mortgage FFA Scholarship


2020 Legence Bank and American Farm Mortgage – FFA Scholarship Application

Criteria and Requirements

2020 FFA Scholarship Criteria and Requirements

We highly recommend you review the following links to several sites that will serve as helpful resources when looking for scholarships and/or grants, to assist you in your future endeavors to pursue your higher education goals.

We wish you the best of luck and continued success in your pursuit of your future educational goals!