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American Farm Mortgage & Financial Services has over 100 years of combined agricultural lending experience and a network of investors providing solutions for farmers and ranchers. A partnership with us means working with a lender who specializes in ag loans, understands the complexity of agriculture, and cares about the long-term success of each farming operation.

At American Farm Mortgage & Financial Services we are committed to helping YOU find solutions. We partner with investors, lenders, and agents across the country. Together, we help our clients achieve success with a financial plan that works for them. Partnering with us and building a portfolio is very beneficial to all agents.




  • Maintain your customer relationship
  • Boost your fee and servicing income
  • Gain access to our strong relationships and investor network
  • Find solutions for your customers with our teams expertise in Ag lending
  • Direct access to our underwriting team
  • FSA Preferred Lender
  • Farmer Mac Approved Lender
  • Set your own schedule


  • Run your own business with an innovative partnership program, allowing us to work together to help provide solutions for farmers and ranchers.
  • Successful agents are determined and driven, involved in the local communities, have relationships within the Ag industry, attend conferences, webinars and other forms of continued education, while striving to build their business.
  • Serve as an excellent resource and financial advisor to farmers and ranchers.
  • Expert on Ag loans and expertise with various commodities.
  • Partner with American Farm Mortgage and utilize our team as an asset to help grow your business and develop new opportunities.


  • Agents develop and build customer relationships.
  • Create opportunities to provide loans to farmers and ranchers.
  • Paperwork for loan application and documentation for underwriting.
  • Submit all information and work on loan from application to closing.
  • Post-closing (inspections, following up on any delinquent payments, etc.).  
  • Communicate consistently with customers, and checking in to see if financial needs have changed or if they have additional needs.
  • Seek referrals for farmers and ranchers with financing needs.


  • We pay commissions quickly
  • We track, prepare, and mail 1099’s
  • We help with your portfolio
    • Customers can call us directly for any support or questions
  • We provide marketing ideas and opportunities, including ads in local publications, mailings, conference booths, and more (co-branded marketing available)
  • We offer a wide range of products and services
  • Agents are paid two ways.
    • New loans are charged an origination fee that we split 50/50 with the agent. 
    • Once the loan has closed and proceeds are received from the Title company, you will be paid your portion of the origination fee.


  • You close a $500,000 loan with a 1% origination fee ($5,000). 
  • You will be paid $2,500 origination commission once closed.
  • Each agent adds servicing spread to the interest rate and this is paid out every time a customer makes a full payment. 
    • This servicing fee can provide years of revenue stream and is compensation for performing the Agent duties as outlined above.


  • On the same $500,000 loan, you add .30 basis points in servicing.
  • Assume this loan is a semi -annual pay.
    • Every 6 months you will receive servicing calculated on the current principal balance (as long as loan stays current).  $500,000 * .003 = $1,500/2 = $750 first payment.

Application Process

It is our pleasure to provide you with the necessary information and documents to begin the Farm Loan Agent approval process with American Farm Mortgage & Financial Services. We offer competitive loans, programs, and pricing, while providing fast and efficient service to you, the agent.



"I have been working with American Farm Mortgage & Financial Services for over 20 years and they have gone above and beyond to provide customized solutions for our customers. They are true to their word and more than willing to explore all options. I always say, my job really beats working, it is all inside work with no heavy lifting. American Farm Mortgage provides the tools and resources that allow me to help our customers with their financial needs."

Ron, Agent in Michigan

"American Farm Mortgage is great to work with due to their farmer friendly attitude and professionalism. They have great products and turnaround times. It is always a pleasure doing business with them and as a farmer myself, I highly recommend them to other farmers."

Michelle, Farm Loan Agent in California

"We've enjoyed a long term partnership originating farm real estate loans with American Farm Mortgage Company. Their staff is very knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. Their product base is flexible, diverse, and very competitive."

Jeff, Farm Loan Agent in Michigan

"American Farm has always gone above and beyond to understand Hawaii's unique agricultural products as well as its farmers. The service we receive from their staff has always been excellent, from loan origination, underwriting, processing to loan closing and servicing. We have appreciated the annual staff site visits which allow American Farm to keep up with what is happening in Hawaii's agricultural industry."

Jason, Farm Loan Agent in Hawaii