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Welcome to Online Banking

American Farm Mortgage & Financial Services is very excited to announce Online Banking as a new service for our customers. 

This service includes the following features:

  • Access your account(s) 24/7 via our secure website.
  • Protection with online security protocols. We have always used a banking product as our core processor. We will be using the same online banking software offered by our core processor, which has been, and continues to be, used by many banks across the United States.
  • View loan details such as current balance, original balance, loan date, interest rate, maturity, YTD interest paid, last payment date, next payment date, current amount due, etc.
  • View account history, including payment received date, principal and interest splits on payments, etc.
  • Make secure online payments from a linked account at any financial institution.

Please note the following, concerning certain American Farm loans:

  • Loans that are only serviced by American Farm, but not currently billed by American Farm (i.e. your statement comes from and you send payments directly to the note holder (such as; Zions Agricultural, Agri Financial Services, etc.), will not show up under our American Farm online banking. If you have different loan types with American Farm, you will only see the loans we service and bill. We can help you get in contact with these note holders to setup their online banking services.

American Farm Mortgage & Financial Services is proud to offer a new and exciting addition to our customer services. The online banking service, will provide customers access to view their loan details and account history. Customers will also be able to utilize the payment options feature.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Enrolling in Online Banking

Set Up Account to Make Payments