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American Farm Mortgage & Financial Services is a company of integrity, committed to the highest level of customer service and business practices. Since 1990, our success as a company has been built on trust, along with personal and professional commitment to provide quality service to farmers and ranchers across the United States.

As a subsidiary of Legence Bank, a strong century-old agricultural bank in Eldorado, Illinois, we have been able to expand our operations and financial services. We pride ourselves on providing quality service, innovative products and financing options, and helping customers accomplish their dreams and goals. We specialize in the customization of loan products that meet your specific financial needs.

A partnership with American Farm allows you to continue offering your customers short and intermediate term financing, such as operating loans or machinery/equipment loans, while giving you the ability to offer long-term financing options. American Farm is strictly a long-term lender and, therefore, will not compete for the relationships you have built with your customers. 

What is unique about American Farm Mortgage & Financial Services? 

  • We specialize in real estate-secured farm and ranch loans
  • We understand Ag financing and the unique needs of farmers and ranchers
  • American Farm is an FSA Preferred Lender and a Farmer Mac Approved Lender
  • Our company has strong relationships with many investors to originate and service loans

With over 100 years of combined agricultural lending experience, our knowledgeable underwriting staff understands that every customer’s operation is unique. We have a wide variety of products ranging from short term variable rates to long-term fixed rates. Amortizations range from 10 to 30 years. 

Why partner with American Farm Mortgage & Financial Services?

  • Our company is a complement to your product line rather than a competitor
  • We work with the long-term real estate portion of the customer's financing
  • You maintain the customer relationship
  • Access to multiple secondary market investors
  • To boost your fee and servicing income, help resolve liquidity issues, and assist with asset/liability management, partner with American Farm today

Loan availability subject to borrower meeting eligibility and credit guidelines. Terms subject to change.